• Т-50 ПАК ФА в масштабе 1\10

  • SSj-100 в 1\72 маштабе

  • Газ-66

  • Су-27 ВВС Украины в масштабе 1\72

  • Як-52 в масштабе 1\32

  • Ан-26 в масштабе 1\40

  • Tecnam P2002 Sierra в масштабе 1-72

  • Буран в 1\150 масштабе

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Welcome to the site about aircraft modelling

The site presents models of copying planes, helicopters, gyroplanes and other equipment in the scale from 1 \ 10 to 1 \ 400. Most models are prepared "from scratch" manually by our masters, it allowed to take into account all customer's wishes: scale, color, quantity. Using a large number of photos and video materials while building models allows you to get as close to the original as possible.