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About our team

The workshop of Asmodels was created in 2001 by the modelers. For us, modeling is more than work, it's our way of life. Our masters have experience in different areas of modeling, which makes it possible to create models of aviation, land and marine equipment, architectural models, advertising products.

         Our many years of experience and knowledge allow us to create models in various scales from 1: 500 to 1: 5. When making models, we use a lot of photos and video material, drawings, which allows us to make models with a high level of detail, we can also make very rare models about which very little information has been preserved.

         We make models only to order, as we have an individual approach to each customer and its models, when performing, we will clearly fulfill all wishes, requirements and terms, we will advise various options for execution.

         Models made for you will please for many years, as in work we use high-quality materials for making models, we cover models with automobile soils, paints and varnishes that protect the model from environmental influences.

        Our models are in private collections, as well as in museums, offices, representative offices of companies, participated in exhibitions and presentations.



Yours sincerely, Asmodels team



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