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In-cab simulator

The main problem of flight safety is that when flying a pilot there is no second chance, but there is only a tense situation that requires a lot of effort. The statistics of recent years show that the main cause of air travel is the so-called "human factor". The pilot is no longer able to cope with his duties to the fullest. Conclusion - it is necessary to eliminate as much as possible the negative impact of the "human factor" on flight safety.

A possible way out is to monitor the crew's actions in real time. To solve these problems, the imitator of the inner-cabin environment based on An-124 Ruslan is designed.

         The task of the IVO-124 is to transmit in real time the data about the situation inside the cabin of the flying aircraft to the simulator, to recreate a similar situation on it. In the cockpit of the simulator there will be a safety crew, who will monitor the changes in the situation of the flying ship and in the event of any unusual situations, will provide consulting assistance to the first flight crew.

It is also possible to use the complex to restore the picture of the incident during the investigation. On the simulator, you can reproduce the flight completely and get the main components of the inside-cabin environment: instrument readings, crew negotiations, video, which will help establish the complete picture of the accident