• Т-50 ПАК ФА в масштабе 1\10

  • SSj-100 в 1\72 маштабе

  • Газ-66

  • Су-27 ВВС Украины в масштабе 1\72

  • Як-52 в масштабе 1\32

  • Ан-26 в масштабе 1\40

  • Tecnam P2002 Sierra в масштабе 1-72

  • Буран в 1\150 масштабе

Copyright 2021 - Стендовое моделирование

The process of manufacturing a model of a copy of the legendary Tu-154B2 aircraft on a scale of 1 \ 72, Aeroflot USSR-85343

The model is made of wood, which was treated with lacquers and primers to protect it from the effects of the environment. The painting was done with a nitrocrask airbrush and then the model was covered with car lacquer to conserve it. All small elements, chassti, details of the interior of the cockpit, etc., are made of metal to give greater copies in comparison with the original.