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This page contains videos of our electrified models.

One of the wishes of our customers is the electrification of the model: burning ANO, lights, cockpit, salon, sound simulation of jet engine operation, screw rotation, stand lighting, etc. Power source or 220V or AA batteries.

All these elements give a more lively, spectacular view of the model. This model perfectly complements both the interior and the exhibition stand

Tu-154B2 in 1\72 scale

Me-109G6 в масштабе 1\16

Tank T-80

Beechcraft C-90 в масштабе 1\24

Экраноплан Лунь

Тяжелый экраноплан носитель


Yak-42D 1\72

Ил-96-300 в мастабе 1\24